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Compassionate Side Hustle Strategy

Jan 10, 2022

A quick, direct message from Rochelle on January 10, 2021.

Dec 13, 2021

In what will hopefully be an annual practice from now on, I'll be taking a break from podcasting and the content production pipeline for the holidays. Next episode drops on January 10th.

Revisiting what it means to have compassion for yourself and for your future customers as you scale your side hustle.

What topics...

Nov 21, 2021

Comforting advice for if you know (or you've been told) that you should raise your prices but you don't want to • What to do if you don't want to only work with super rich, privileged people • What kind of CEO you should NOT strive to be • Should you lower your prices to become more accessible? Visit

Nov 8, 2021

Are you staying in your 9 to 5 because you believe you have no other choice? Also, what's the difference between working hard because you love what you're doing and working hard because capitalism has taught us that our value depends on our level of productivity? Taina M Brown offers career and leadership coaching to...

Oct 25, 2021

Althea Branton (she/her) is a skincare designer. Her product line is for QTBIPOC who are tired of staring the current beauty industry in the face and not seeing a reflection that looks like their own. Listen in to hear more of her story and the big radical act that you can do take up space and reclaim our true selves....